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Meth Remediation

DEQ Certified Methamphetamine Cleanup Contractor
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Initial Inspection

Do you suspect that your property has been contaminated by methamphetamine?  Contact us today to schedule an inspection so we can help you determine the extent of your problem.

Certified Laboratory Analysis

Upon inspection we will submit all of the samples we collect to the lab for analysis.  The certified lab will analyze all samples and provide results to document the condition of the property.


If you do find methamphetamine contamination on your property you can count on us to clean it and ensure a safe environment.   We follow all DEQ and EPA guidelines whether or not the property is listed by the DEQ.

Services Provided:
  • Initial Inspection
  • Law Enforcement Contact
  • MTDEQ Communications
  • Sampling Plan
  • Sampling
  • Certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Work Plan
  • Decontamination
  • Post-Cleanup Sampling
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